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Thursday, 24 December 2009

The Sixth Initiation.

I will keep this post as short as possible, however knowing me and my ability to waffle it may go on for another thousand or more words but I will try my best.

In this post I will take the initiations of the spiritual hierarchy one step further and talk about the initiations that make it possible for us to become ascended masters in this life, while remaining grounded and maintaining our physical body. This has not been an option until recently, and hopefully in the future as humanity progresses more and more will take this course of action and we will truly become a race of divine love.

The Sixth Initiation
The sixth initiation also known as the ascension is the point in time, when ones physical vehicle has fully and truly incorporated its monad or true being. The initiate is truly the Christ, truly the Buddha, and has fully acclaimed his place in the monadic dimension. The initiate is welcomed home to our rightful place before being returned to this plane in order to serve humanity.

During the sixth initiation, a beings body is completely absorbed into light. In the past this would have meant physically dieing, but now through dispensation and a need for more and more earth service, an initiate can re-materialise its body or develop a completely new one, and some have chosen this option.

In order to ascend an initiate need not be 100% healthy but must have balanced out its karmic debt, and created a refined being of light. This initiation releases all of our natural abilities which have been suppressed for eons because the ego could not be trusted to make pro humanitarian decisions with those powers.

An ascended master can dematerialise and re-materialise, can heal in an instant and is a co-creator. It is this function that must be truly controlled as an ego which could create anything which it desires in an instant would no doubt leave the world a hurt and vengeful place.

As an ascended master is no longer truly human there is no requirement for human comforts such as eating and sleeping. The appearance of an ascended master can be changed at will as some aspects of his mission here on the earth plane will take them into situations where blending in would achieve far more than standing out from the crowd

All in all ascension is what every soul is aiming for and is the ultimate destination of those of us who have incarnated at this special time.

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