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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Initiations Of Probation In The Spiritual Hierarchy

Unbeknown to most spiritual seekers, the spiritual hierarchy based in Shamballa, known to most as heaven or seventh heaven, take an avid interest in your development. Moreover each of us has a particular ascended master eagerly waiting in the wings in order to step in and support our development the moment we are ready. Much of this activity goes on in the background, not even entering our conscious mind, or universe until such times as we are ready to fully understand what is going on.

It has even been known for initiates to not even be consciously aware that they may have taken the earliest initiations, but may only be aware of increased mental activity, Increased psychic awareness, and an increased understanding of the greater divine plan. The path of probation is immersed in the first five initiations, and these come before the dramatic and universe changing ascension process. This entire process can and does happen while still in this earth life as progress is dependant on how hard you work at developing yourself, increasing your light quotient and refining your karmic blueprint.

The First Initiation
The First Initiation occurs after the vast majority of your personal development and improvement work has been done. Normally by the time you will be invited to take this initiation you will have crossed the heart bridge (the heart chakra) and moved onto and be well under way of the challenges that the throat chakra brings. The key focus of the first initiation is control. Before you will even be considered for this initiation you must have achieved a high level of control over the physical body. By this i mean you are no longer drawn compulsively to habits and addictions which increase karma and cause destructive behaviour and thought patterns, examples of these could be excessive drinking or drug taking, or even licentiousness. The spiritual hierarchy know that over the course of the initiations a probate will receive increasing power which they want to be used for the greater good and not for selfish or destructive causes.

The first initiation is presided over by lord Matarieya the head of the spiritual hierarchy, and takes place in the halls of Shamballa. This initiation indicates that the hierarchy has observed your journey and has seen fit to allow you access to the path. Before the first initiation, no matter how advanced you may be, you are still a seeker. By opening the path to you, you start to embody the Christ consciousness. The first initiations indicate a spark has been delivered into your being ready for progression following your further development and advancement.

The Second Initiation
The second initiation is a major hurdle, and is considered to be the hardest to pass, but if achieved the third and fourth will follow relatively quickly. The key theme of this initiation is mastery. The mastery we speak of is mastery of the astral and mental bodies. By achieving mastery of these bodies it is hoped that the earth nature and ego has been well and truly controlled and that you are becoming a being of spirit rather than a being aware of spirit. This initiation signifies the death of desire and the lower nature becoming flaccid and limp.

This Initiation is presided over by lord Matareiya once again. The main concern surrounding this initiation is that of glamour which frequently replaces the lower illusions. Glamour is of course when an initiate realises that they are advancing beyond their earth peers and become almost a show off. This delusion is overcome by devotion to the divine plan and nature, and knowledge of all being one.

The Third Initiation
After the third initiation a beings vibration is of a very high order. This initiation signifies total mastery of the mental, and complete victory over the ego and desire. This initiation is the point in time where soul merge occurs. The initiate becomes a being of soul light and the monad now takes the place of the higher self flooding the initiate with high quality light from above. This is considered to be the first major initiation for the probate and signifies a hugely important step in spiritual development, and progression towards freedom.

During and after the third initiation the probate is provided with extended contact with his or her spiritual ashram resulting in rapid knowledge accumulation and ever greater quantities of light. The spiritual hierarchy are now taking a very close interest in the development of these individuals as they are now developing powers of great use for humanity and sentient beings as a whole. Sanat Kamura the planetary Logos oversees this initiation which is seated at the third eye. The probate at this time has now developed the knowledge and mastered the ability of creative thought building and can manipulate thought matter effectively (hopefully you can see from this how important it is to have mastered your thoughts and emotions prior to this initiation). At this initiation you are truly a being of light.

The Fourth Initiation
The Fourth Initiation Is a rapid departure from all that has gone before in the many lives of this individual. This initiation brings with it great challenges and sacrifices. To be in receipt of the fourth initiation a probate has now sacrificed all self interest and in effect the beings earthly life is now gone (although the being may continue in its current incarnation, it will not be in the same vain as before). All material issues are no longer of any value to the initiate, this includes friends, money, family even the soul is no longer important as the initiate moves towards a greater view of the universe as a whole. The Initiate is now also free from the karmic wheel of rebirth, as the monad now slowly replaces the soul. The initiate is now truly in contact with the I AM presence and operates from the Buddhic plain of consciousness.

The Initiate is now considered a master of wisdom, and operates from above (even in earth body) in support of the divine plan. The initiate is now a member of the spiritual hierarchy whose only contact with the material world is voluntary and for the greater good of all. His contact with the monad is greater and more regular than the majority of the population have with their own soul. At this point an initiate is referred to as an arhat and no longer suffers or feels pain as they have truly achieved liberation.

The Fifth Initiation
In the fourth initiation the probate no longer required to use his soul to receive contact from the monad as his rainbow bridge is complete and facilitates direct communication. In this the fifth initiation He no longer contacts the Monad, as he becomes the monad; He truly is the I Am presence. This initiation is all about soul merger. The merger of the monad with the initiates own soul. This, the first Cosmic initiation elevates the probate t the rank of adept and to the atmic level of consciousness. It is normal at this point for a probate to maintain his old body, but the option exists to build an entirely new one.

During this initiation the individual now fully understands "the father and I are one" it is a fact and no longer a philosophical phrase. Much of the newly elevated master’s time will be taken up with supporting the divine plan, and as such has the entire planets energy available for this task. Any other time particularly rest time will be taken up by training in his appointed ashram on the subject of planetary occultism. (occultism does not refer to witchcraft and black magic but rather divine science and the workings and machinations of the universe manifested in matter).

Ashram in Shamballa
At all stages during the probates journey they will be supported by their appointed ascended master and their masters ashram. In the early stages this will only occur during the hours of sleep, but as development grows in pace this will occur during both meditation and bi-location. The ashram provides the probate with the knowledge he requires to operate at higher levels of consciousness as well as indoctrinating the probate on the divine plan, and the true nature of reality.

There are more than just five initiations, some of which I will go into in a later post. These five initiations really are esoteric, as all earthly society or lineage initiations are really theatrical showmanship in comparison to these the true in initiations. (Earthly societies i would hope prepare and pave the way for the true initiations but that really depends on the organisation)

Why Share This and other information?
Why have I shared this information? We are entering the age of Aquarius, where a new master will come in the form of an avatar, all that was hidden will be revealed, and so in that spirit I wish to reveal what I can, in the full knowledge that only true spiritual seekers will be directed towards it. The same way as I was directed towards information when I started my journey. That information had been present for a long time yet I was blind to it. Those who have ears to hear let them hear (those who are not yet ready will not find it).

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