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Thursday, 10 December 2009

What Is Your Soul Purpose?

When the initial awakening of your spiritual being occurs, It is natural to ask the question "why am I here?" This is the human minds way of attempting to come to terms with the futility of mortality and the truth of our spiritual immortality. Many points of research and techniques will provide many different answers.

In my opinion the best techniques are physical in nature and do not require the intuition of a “psychic” third party who may or may not be truly psychic. Fixed techniques should provide you with the same answer regardless, as opposed to intuitive techniques which can vary from person to person depending on their ability.

My favourite techniques are as follows:

Techniques - Numerology
As a numerologist, I naturally find that the divine science of numerology can provide more answers than many of the other popular techniques. Numerology takes the numerical values of a number of fixed factors relating to your birth and through simple calculations will provide either a 1 or 2 digit response. These responses have a direct metaphysical translation.

Numerology is easy to learn and highly accessible to the seeker. For those interested in a quick numerological reading visit the following site : Numerology Assesment. These answers give a flavour, but by no means an, extensive result of what numerology can do for your quest.

Much like Numerology, astrology uses a number of fixed factors surrounding your birth, and the locations of astrological phenomenon at the given time of your birth. From this a reasonably accurate reading can be given. This is a complex issue which takes time to learn, hence why practitioners can charge extensively for their services. There are also a lot of cowboys in this field hence why I would not recommend it unless you wish to take the time to learn this fascinating science yourself.

An eneagram will be instantly recognisable, particularly to our American readers, as this method of assessment is commonly used when applying for jobs with large blue chip companies. Using the psychological fundamentals of human behaviour, following a questionnaire, an eneagram will attempt to make an assessment of your personality and motivations. This technique has been moulded for science and spirituality alike. I find it to be a reasonable accurate system, but if you wish to give it a go, you can find an electronic test:  Eneagram Test 

Tarot is probably the most commonly used system which uses metaphysical means to ascertain what challenges lie in your immediate future. However much of Tarots concept is an extension of numerology. By using the numerical outcomes of a numerology assessment, a tarot reader will then apply an arcana card to each value. This card and the background to the card will then provide you with an understanding of the driving force in this life. In my opinion Tarot is an extension of numerology, and works extremely well if used correctly.

Perspective’s affect soul purpose
Truly no matter which technique you use the ultimate truth of your soul purpose boils down to your perspective. Your current view of your reality will very much affect what you see as the correct answer. No answer is truly wrong (if you use a correct technique) though only one answer is truly correct.

It is ok to believe that if you are a psychic then your purpose in this life is to talk to spirits, or that if you are an outstanding singer then your purpose is to sell a million records. Be under no illusion that in the long term these undertakings will bring you no closer to the end goal. These purposes tend towards justification of existence by the ego, and the ego will hamper your journey.

True soul purposes tend towards an aspect of correction, which may vary from leadership without tyranny, to wealth without greed, but in every case they are intent on balancing a particular aspect of the soul. Are you required to complete this purpose? No, but things will just become more difficult the further away from correction you steer. You can choose to step off the production line at any time.

You can also choose to throw caution to the wind and accelerate correction by stepping onto a spiritual path with vigour and determination. Following a strong developmental path will not be easy as you will face corrections one after the other until your job is complete. Be under no illusion, the struggle will be hard but worth it as your true reward lies at the end of this journey.

When you finally perceive the true nature of reality, the realisation will hit home, that every human soul is born with the same purpose in mind and that is to escape from the karmic wheel. Thus every individual’s soul purpose is to refine and purify their soul and strive towards love, compassion and forgiveness in the hope of uniting with the divine in this life.

The path will be bumpy, but thoroughly exiting and fulfilling I assure you.

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