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Monday, 17 May 2010

Merkaba - The Chariot Of Light - Part 2

The Merkaba or Chariot of Light is mentioned on many texts and many philosophies across the spectrum, however not all of them agree on precisely what a Merkaba is. All texts agree that the word Merkaba translates roughly as Chariot of Light. Indicating that it is a vehicle of sorts, but the biblical texts suggest it is an angelic vehicle, purely for the use of the divine. Even though I might add that Enoch, the MAN who walked with god is indicated to have ascended in a chariot of light. It is possible that you could argue that the angels came for him in a Chariot of light.

The Chasidic Texts suggest that the Merkaba is purely of the divine one, and analogous in nature. The analogy representing the elements and consciousness. Each angelic being is taken as an analogy for the various representative element (earth air fire water and spirit (spirit being the divine on the throne)). The most important part of the Chasidic analogy is the representation of the opposing nature of the elements harnessed in a conscious manner to work together perfectly, and that we as humans should attempt to be like them in nature.

The New age view suggests that the Merkaba is part of the energetic body of each sentient being and is a vital tool for among other things ascension. A chief source on this subject Dunravalo Melcheizedek indicates that this vehicle can be activated through breathing exercises (pranayama) and various Mudra's.

Experiential View
From experience i can say that all three descriptions of the Merkaba are in fact correct although should not be taken in isolation. The Merkaba is a Chariot of Light and is part of our energetic body as the new age texts propose and can be felt when activated by those of us who are sensitive to the effects of bioenergy. There are also much larger composite Merkaba or group vehicles (these are written about in biblical texts) which appear to be used to move beings further distances at greater speeds. It is very likely that these vehicles are what some people report as UFO's or Flying Saucers because when the Merkaba is functioning it does in deed look like a colourful disk of light.

The Chasidic Texts suggest that the merkaba is an analogy for spiritual development and that analogy is also correct. The chasidic suggestions that the Merkaba represents perfect balancing of the elements, coupled with the New Age suggestion that pranayama assists in the activation of our personal Merkaba highlights the developmental nature required to retrieve full conscious control over this vehicle. Pranayama (even though practitioners may not realise it) gathers energy for both storage and development of our consciousness. This developmental journey takes us through the elements which once mastered allows us to move onto the next stage of our journey (both Eastern and Western esoteric teachings hold great importance in balancing the elements). Although the Merkaba can be activated (in truth it is always active it is merely our conscious connection to this vehicle which becomes active) at any time and can be used in a limited fashion. Only once a spiritual seeker has balanced the elements and progressed sufficiently will full conscious control be gained.

Uses of the Merkaba
The Merkaba Has many uses some are described and some can be found through experimentation and experience. As the Merkaba is a balance of elements it maintains the qualities of all things, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit, Masculine, Feminine, Animal and Mineral it can be programmed or requested by intent to do almost anything you wish.

Common Uses which I have used the Merkaba are, travelling to higher dimensions. It has been reported that a fully controlled Merkaba can transport your physical being body and all however I have not experienced this personally even though I see no reason to doubt it since teleportation is a higher level spiritual gift it stands to reason that it is the Merkaba which makes this possible. The type of travel I have used the Merkaba could be considered similar to astral travel with full conscious control of the vehicle with access to dimensions above the fourth.

I also use the Merkaba for manifestation tasks both to assist with material tasks as well as bringing down increasingly larger energy columns (or domes) over a geographic area to assist in healing and ascension of all those within the umbrella.

The Merkaba can be used to consciously draw back to yourself packets of energy, be it for an increase in consciousness or for some other purpose. I regularly connect my Merkaba with every dimensional aspect of my being in order to unite and develop all remaining aspects. Using this method you can slowly work on the integration of the fullest aspect of your being.

Effectively you are only limited by your own imagination. I will publish my methods of applying the above techniques in a later post.

For now here is the Dunravalo Melcheizedeks excellent Merkaba activation method. Master this technique and everything else is just a small step away.

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Rob Lightbearer