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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Activating Spin Points - The "Lesser Chakra's"

One of the many misunderstandings of the chakra system is that there are Major Chakra's and Lesser Chakra's.  That the Major Chakra's are more important in the entire spectrum of your being that the lesser Chakra's.  That only meditating on the seven well known chakra's is all that is required, and to a certain degree this is correct, however, and there is always a however, In this time of accelerating energies and increasing clearing and unrest at an energetic level many people are reporting being overwhelmed b y emotional baggage and not really knowing what to do about it.

By working the Major Chakra's this overwhelming sensation will only be intensified in the long term until the underlying issues are dealt with.  I ask you though, how do you deal with the underlying issues when you may not be able to see them clearly.  Issues do not arise nice and neatly, one at a time on a silver platter, presented to you with the text book solution in a manual by your bed.  Issues can and frequently do arise all at once.  You need a solution which will help balance the flow of energies in specific areas, relating to the retention of specific issues.

The Naysayers who know everything about it all will no doubt tell me, that the seven major chakra's are all you require to know about (i know this because I have already had this).  That is not the case, if i suggest to you that their are underlying principles to various areas of the body which may well correspond to the chakra's, but are more specific and relate to an area of the body, most people may immediately think of the hands.

Example of the Minor Chakra's at Work
The hands contain principles which are reasonably well known.  Think now about the last time you went to the shop.  How did you make the exchange for goods?  I bet you gave the money with your dominant hand (for the sake of argument you are right handed and gave with your right hand).  I bet you received your change in the non dominant hand (the left). Apply this to solid energetic principles which we have discussed time and again in this blog.  (an emotional issue, becomes an energetic issue, becomes a physical issue)  Thin now do you have problems parting with old and sentimental belongings, or more prominently in this day and age of recession, do you worry about money and dread paying for something because it is eating into your much needed reserves?

This is an emotional issue of giving (in one degree or another) this creates an energetic thought form and impedes the circulation of bioenergy in a very important area the hands, now depending on how this issue manifests emotional, if you grasp hold of things tightly not wanting to let them go, this is physically and energetically the non dominant hand, the receiving hand (in this example the left)  If you just grudge handing anything over this is the dominant hand (the right hand).  The emotional issue creates a blockage in the specific area i.e. the hands, which will then have a physical impact which may be poor circulation or pain in the hands and wrists.

Naturally to work on the withholding or grudging emotions, we would work on the root chakra if using the seven major chakra's, but this will not clear the hands (as the hands are connected energetically to the heart chakra,) thus you may solve an issue at the root but then create it again by the "energetic lag" elsewhere.

Boy i hope that made sense!! someone let me know, because I can waffle :-)

With all that in mind, every single are of the body has reflections and associations which will not necessarily clear immediately on clearing the associated major chakra, therefore we require a little more in depth knowledge in order to assist in dealing with these issues.  I will not go through each physical area and its associations just yet, ill save that for another day, I will however show you an exercise which will aid in the simultaneous clearing and balancing of complex issues through working with the minor chakra's.

Minor Chakra Exercise.
Relax and enter a light meditative state.

Using the thumb and index finger of both hands feel white light extend from each.

If the energy does not feel as strong on one side as it does the other, just lightly touch index finger to index finger thumb to thumb and visualise white light penetrating from one to the other and back again. (this should immediately start to feel relaxing.

Now using your thumbs and index fingers start at the top point on the following diagram, visualising white light moving from your finger tips and energising the point marked.

Take your time and slowly work your way through each point until you have completed the exercise.

You will hopefully find that your ability to ground will increase, your circulation will improve and you should feel relaxed and more able to focus.  Some of the more "miraculous" results of this exercise can be aches and pains or ailments disapearing for ever, so this exercise is well worth the effort.

Do this exercise every day for best effect.

Bless you all

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Rob Lightbearer