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Tuesday 7 December 2010

Mudra to Improve Hearing

Hi everyone, I have been away for a week and am now getting around to responding to my emails, some of which I will give a private response and as per usual if there is something I think will prove useful to everyone I will publish a post on the subject.  (if you are still awaiting a response to an email, one will be forthcoming today, I apologise for the time delay)

A common thread of questioning is appearing with regards to techniques to assist in hearing improvement. As with everything there are things we can do to improve any situation.  True healing however comes from within so remain open minded about the chances of healing and improvement of any condition and if it is appropriate to your journey healing will occur.

Spiritual Healing
In a spiritual context, illness occurs at a causal level on the first instance.  What that means that an imbalance in the energetic body occurs prior to any illness or disease manifesting physically.  This energetic dis-ease will take the form of blocks, and congestion or even over energisation of a particular area of the energetic body.  This will eventually prevent the physical body associated to the area of energetic dis-ease from carrying out its normal function at all levels resulting in some form of physical illness. 

This explanation as I am sure some of you will notice does not account for what we can call physical first injury or illness.  Physical first Injury or illness is something that occurs in the physical which may later have an impact on the energetic body.  An instance of this may be a broken leg.  It would be strange to assume a broken leg occurred first at a causal level however in some (a minority of instances) it does.  After an accident such as a fall resulting in a broken leg (a physical first dis-ease)  scarring or dis-ease occurs at the associated points on the energetic body.  This energetic scarring is not causal to the broken leg but is very much causal to the healing process.  Energetic scarring will impair the bodies natural ability to heal and repair itself. 

From a spiritual perspective in both of the above conditions, repairing and improving the energetic body will result in the physical body returning to a state where it functions efficiently at all levels allowing it to heal itself. 

It is scientifically projected that it takes eight months for the physical body to shed and renew every single cell in the physical body.  With that in mind there is no reason why, providing all the circumstances are in place, that a human body can not regenerate scar and impairment free in that time.  This is of course a logical thought process, it is a very rare occurrence, probably due to the lack of awareness in quantum thinking, which would allow for you to off load all of your preconceived ideas of injury and illness, and accept that your body is geared up to return to to its original form after each and every mishap.

cut your finger, your body will close the gap and seal the wound.  This in itself is nothing short of miraculous.  We have an amazing system for regenration built into us, so why not allow it to function in its fullest capacity.  Open your mind, offload your baggage and allow yourself to heal.

With reference to what is written above, mudras work in a very simple fashion.  By applying certain hand positions you connect up the associated channels allowing for an increase in energy being delivered to the appropriate area of the energetic body.  This increase in energy being delivered through the channels will slowly clear out the energetic debris impacting on efficient energy flow resulting in physical impairment.
Mudra To Improve Hearing
I have written about this mudra in another post but for ease of finding it for this particular query i will place it here.
Shunya Mudra - Mudra of Emptyness

Method: Keep the middle finger at the mount of Venus and press it with thumb. 

Specialty: It reduces the dullness in our body, bringing a sharpness and clarity of thought.

Time Duration: One can practice it for 40 to 60 minutes daily until you are cured from the disease.

Benefits: It can help relieve earache within 4 or 5 minutes and assist in the rapid clearing of ear infections and conditions. It can also help improve hearing impairment and stress induced psychological conditions.

Bless You All
Rob Lightbearer