Spring Retreat 2011 ~ The Healing Sphere
Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Spring Retreat 2011

As inconvenient as it has been for my readers, and I apologise for that, I have been on retreat and solitude again for a number of weeks.  The build up beginning at the start of this year hence the lack of activity on the blog.  I once again apologise, however unlike many bloggers and spiritual individuals I genuinely believe in experiential development and living precisely what i speak about.

My retreat started with primarily getting to know and understand my surroundings.  being mindful in every moment, judging nothing and just being.  the majority of activity undertaken during this period was essential activity required by the human for in order to survive, i.e. preparing a source of healthy food and water.  Finding the perfect location in order to conduct my internal retreat in peace and true solitude where I would be warm and safe and perfectly alone. This activity can not be underestimated and provides not only physical value but indeed great spiritual activity, in fact the bhagavad gita highlights the spiritual essence of prescribed activities necessary to the maintenance and survival of the physical vehicle.

The Crux of this retreat was not only meditation and continuing the internal journey but also revisiting and rediscovering the spiritual texts, which I must be honest was hugely revelatory.  The most astounding thing I found, not only for for my understanding of this journey but also the realisation of how valuable the techniques I have published are.

I remember one enlightened master stating that when fully realised in the place of illumination it will appear that the sacred bhagavad gita has been written by you.  Now I have read this text cover to cover and own a copy, however have not returned to this text for many years.  Having studied it on retreat once more I realised just how similar the context of this blog is to that wonderful text.  One thing that I have disclosed which the gita has not is the techniques which I found useful in order to achieve that state of mind.  There are many sources on the web which may differ from my viewpoint.  In this instance I can wholeheartedly refer you to the bhagavad gita as some sort of confirmation that you are in the correct place to learn what you need to know in order to achieve your fullest spiritual potential.

I am (and have stated on many occasions) a great believer in timely synchronicity and that you are here because it is your time.  You are here because you are ready for the veil of illusion to be drawn back.  That which those who either don't know the truth, or wish to keep the truth a secret for purposes of the ego can be found here.

bless you all