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Friday, 11 March 2011

Soul Merging by Blake Paysse

This series of video's were recommended to me by a reader a week or so ago. During that time i have been reviewing the material and deciding what I truly felt about this individual and his video's.  I don't mean that to sound judgemental however i always intended this blog to be a spiritual tool of experiential value and as such will always make sure that i believe in the substance of what i write about.

I find Blake to be a very nice individual who's values I feel are on alignment with my own. By that I mean, he is focused on spiritual growth through self empowerment.  He wishes you to grow not through his efforts but by your own development, and this is not true of the vast majority of individuals out there in the arena. He explains in easily understandable language what his objectives are and in my view holds no secrets back. 

His work is free of charge and although probably doing himself a dis-service by this is most definitely helping others through his work.

The video series I will publish here is a soul merging and healing process which will trigger a rapid healing of all levels of your being in order to bring about change from the physical through to the monad and beyond.  The reason why I say trigger a change rather than completely change the make up of your energetic body is that every individual is different, they each carry differing issues and hold blocks at many levels.  Some will not be physically ready to complete the change now, but this series I am certain will help lead you on that road.  For those who have been working hard on their personal development this system will boost your efforts and take you to the next level and beyond.

Chakra Merging

Meridians Merging

Aura Merging

Body Merging

Total Higher Self Merging

Bless you all