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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Reincarnation, Spiritual Development and Voyage of the Soul

One of the many subject areas which is discussed time and again in spiritual communities but never fully understood is that of reincarnation and the souls journey.  This subject is often hinted at but never explained fully.  You can always gauge the true spiritual development of an individual by what they say about this subject as there is no substitute for experience. 

This subject is however very contentious as it can and will hurt the ego of many.  I ask you not to be angered but to think and understand, as i talk about these things in detail not to upset, but to give impetus for the necessity of spiritual development and may also indicate why i have developed certain views on certain subjects.

What is the Soul?
I think before I push on to the subject of reincarnation, I should firstly highlight the soul and where it fits into the spiritual hierarchy. 

The Soul is one component part of our spiritual being.  Commonly we accept there to be three aspects of our spiritual being, there is the Monad or Father in Heaven, The Soul or Our Higher Self, and Our Soul Fragment our manifest divine spark.  In basic terms (and I mean very basic terms) Each Monad Fragments in order to Birth 11 Souls, and each Soul fragments in order to Birth 11 Soul fragments or manifest beings (over time these numbers of soul fragments have increased exponentially in an attempt to perform the spiritual rescue of all lost fragments (this is important))

At this point there is somewhat of a contradiction that requires deeper meditation in order to understand.  Each fragment be that of the soul or the monad is the soul or the monad, but in equal terms is not the soul or the monad.  The soul belongs to john smith but equally does not belong to john smith.  By this i mean, that John Smith on incarnation has a soul which is part of his hierarchy.  But he has not as yet developed enough in order to connect with this soul in the fullest of his capacity.  John smith is the Souls fragment incarnate.

Through spiritual development he will develop enough in order to ascend, or more appropriately allow the soul to descend where he no longer needs to communicate with the soul as his higher self as he has Incorporated the soul into his being.  The Bible talks about the descension of the holy spirit at pentecost, this is in fact describing the descension of the soul to those who are developed enough to become one with it.

Part of this development process is designed to gather together the many lost soul fragments, from previous incarnations of the soul which have not recovered fully from the turmoil of there physical existence and provide them with healing love and atonement.  (atonement to become one with the soul once again)

It is during this phase of development that many individuals may experience past life recall or memories.  You should understand that these memories are not memories of your soul fragment "reincarnated" but memories of your soul which is the only part of your being which reincarnates.  Past life regression before this point could lead you to memories of your soul but could equally be memories of the collective consciousness and bear no relation to you what so ever.  only memories held within the soul are connected and influential towards you.

If you have not raised your vibration to the point where you are the soul, then you have no past lives.  You the fragment have been here once and will be here once, john smith will never return to this plane.  John smiths soul however, will.

So what is the point in this? what is it I'm trying to say?  There are a lot of what we call lost souls out there, stuck in planes which they see no way out of as their trauma during life does not provide them with visibility of the love which is waiting for them.  They are suffering as a result of their separation.  By your self development you may realise that these stuck and lost souls are actually soul fragments, and a lot of them will originate from your soul.  By developing yourself spiritually you are committing the greatest act of kindness because the very path you are on will release them to their eternal home.

With this in mind it brings forth my view on mediumship.  I do not have a problem with it pers se, however many mediums do not participate in the activity of soul rescue (the act of helping lost souls move on).  During your journey, if you help just one soul move on to its resting place you have helped not only that fragment, but also the entire soul group of that soul.  You will have eased the karmic burden of that group.  The knock on effect will be felt throughout mankind, as the impact of your deed reverberates.  Soul rescue is of the utmost importance.

I am not entirely sure if all that i am describing makes sense.  It is worth meditating on, as if i was to describe everything i know about the soul and its journey, i may confuse you all more than clarify anything.

In the image above, pale blue = Fragment, Green = Soul, Yellow = Monad, and Red = The One,

In keeping with the ethos of this blog, i will only write from an experiential perspective, and if i have a belief but i do not know for sure i will avoid it where possible, but in this subject we have reached an impasse whereby i can not get access to the true reality of what happens to the other components of the soul group once you have developed fully in this plane, (i.e. eternal identity versus temporary identity) (i know the theories, and i have my beliefs).  I have visited the akashik records on many occasions in order to try and define the solution, but to no avail.

suffice it to say, from one stand point the soul pyramid will collapse upwards as you develop, releasing and healing all that is in your particular leg of the model, therefore the further you develop the more souls you have a direct impact upon.  

From another stand point the pyramid is the same and never changes it is merely your consciousness which elevates to experience the next level of existence, leaving both souls and fragments to continue on their eternal cycle.

My belief is in the first view, as i do not think i would otherwise have felt the urgency, or the quickening to develop if the second view was the case, however i do not wish to portray beliefs as knowledge, and so will update this page as soon as i know for sure.