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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A Call To Service - Group Meditation

I must admit that this is not my idea, though i do think it is a very good idea.

A group calling themselves "New Reality Transition" are in the process of organising an extra large group meditation in an attempt to diffuse the collective unconscious/conscious negativity towards 2012 and rumours of doom gloom and disaster

In order to participate in this group meditation you do not need to be anywhere specific or gather in one location, it is merely proposed that at 11:11 Pm EST on the 11/11 that you meditate on a specific thing, proposed at their website: New Reality Transmission  and do the same thing for the following 11 days.

Now their suggestion is that you log into their website and conduct the meditation, now I'm not entirely sure why they feel this to be necessary, as thoughts during meditation are projected into the quantum pool and not into the Internet, however if you wish to do so, then feel free. I personally wont be.

Why do i think these projects are important?
Every individual projects their thought forms into the quantum pool, whether they realise it or not.  The Mass unconscious has a direct impact on the manifestation of our realities both individually and as a group.  Now if people new this fact they could make a conscious and informed decision as to what they were filling their conscious mind with as this affects their projections and ultimately the more people projecting the same image the more powerful that image becomes, ultimately manifesting that reality.

As i said every individual projects thought forms, however not every individual is a conscious being actively seeking to raise their vibrations.  It is said that one christed individual can diminish the negative effects of the mass unconscious.  The reason being if there was a point system for manifestation ability, those who are unconscious and not actively raising their vibration would score a manifestation power of 1, and for every percentage of light quotient you add to your vibration that score goes up exponentially.  It would not be long before a small group of conscious beings would have a collective point score which is higher than that of all unconscious beings in the rest of humanity.

This being said, the more conscious individuals who focus on the one thought form at any one time with concentrated effort should change the direction of the mass unconscious but it will not be easy. The forces of fear and anxiety are hard at work, all you have to do is watch TV for an hour a day and you will see fear being piped directly into your home.  If it is not the news portraying a dangerous and collapsing world, it is adverts telling you that you need more debt in order to get out of your dangerous debt.  It is all designed to prompt a response, and that response is not a good one, because how else will they get you to take action and them to make money. 

Even in the spiritual community there is a reasonable percentage who are obsessed with conspiracy theories believing this to be the height of awakening and consciousness, but it is not.  Think about this before you get angry with me, when you visit a site such as that belonging to David Icke, how do you feel when you read a compelling conspiracy theory, does it make you feel happy and glad, or does it elicit a response prompted by fear requiring you to take some form of action. If you wish your point score, your manifestation vote to count get conspiracies out of your consciousness.

With all of the above in mind, i will be actively participating in this project.  Though i will not be following their meditation to the letter, and will not be logging into their website, for reasons i believe to be sound and based on my understanding.  I will however be projecting my perception of universal awakening, and peace.

I would ask you all to join in and help make a difference.

Bless you all