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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Offload your Baggage - Remove your Karma

When I started this blog, I pursued with urgency all of the essential tools for self realisation. I provided the essence of what I have found to be necessary to accelerate spiritual development. I have waded through overcomplicated tripe and unprecedented amounts of waffle in order to strip down to the bare bones all that is required and that which is non essential fluff (and believe me there is a lot of it about).

One of the necessary kick backs of accelerated spiritual development is accelerated karmic realisation. What is this? Karmic realisation is in essence the effects of all of our causes. Karma is not some supernatural system of revenge. In its simplest form it is the blockages in our energetic system which cause us to have programmed responses to situations provoking the manifestation of that which is in the forefront of our minds.

No amount of “positive thinking” or “think yourself rich” strategies will work without the essential developmental process of dropping the baggage, dropping our karma and resolving it once and for all. It is necessary to understand more about this issue in order for us to fully resolve it and progress personally and spiritually.

Where does all of this karma come from?
At its core karma is not your fault, but is everyone’s responsibility. Why do I say not our fault? When we were born we did not bring any baggage with us (well technically we did but that is for higher level discussion) we were fresh and clean. That template of cleanliness only started taking on programmes and false responses by the morals and tenets imbued by our parents or role models. These tenets were not necessarily bad, but every response from that point onwards has never ever been your own, it has been robotic and programmed as a result of that which has been imprinted. Some of these programmes were necessary at the time in order to protect us, but we are now responsible decision makers, it is time to take responsibility for our decisions.

When we entered the world outside the protection of our homes, and some of us apply the loving caring tenets of our families we found ourselves outnumbered by those who were imprinted with core values which were not so healthy, and so we learn and respond. We develop a new programme and react accordingly, yet this is still not our response. This is the response provoked by our environmental programming and the cycle continues with every experience and every step of life.

Where did this all start?
In essence you could trace back all the programmed responses to its original trigger point. That so called original sin. Every action has an equal and exact opposite reaction. Who actually knows what the original sin was? I know I don’t. The bible suggests it was a jealous fracas between Cain and Abel. This might be true, but equally it may be a work of fiction. You do not require to stew over things too much in order to realise that the very first response, that very first emotional hurt had an impact on those around them. Those at the epicentre then behaved in a way that impacted on those around them also and the butterfly effect takes hold.

If all of this was started by someone, somewhere at sometime, how does it make you feel that every programme, every response you make, and every piece of karma is as a result of that one anonymous action? Now think of it this way, every action you take causes a chain reaction of emotional events which could very well affect as many people in as many different ways as that of the original sin.

Don’t you think its time to make a change? Break the cycle and take back ownership of your life. Regain your power from everyone who has forcefully taken it from you or who you have given it to of your own programming. I do. Everything is at stake. Your health and that of your children! Your spiritual progress and spiritual gifts! Your very experience of life itself is tainted and at risk of collapsing into a pit of depression and anxiety.

What’s in it for you?
As I said earlier in this post, the first part of this blog, the first 47000 words, the first book was designed to help accelerate spiritual growth for those seeking fulfilment and liberation. This next book is going to focus on assisting you create that blank template that you deserve; become that babe in arms again.

In choosing this path you are helping to birth a new age. The butterfly effect is very real, every action has an equal and exact opposite reaction. Its time to start a legacy of reactions that you can be proud of, that you can congratulate yourself for. It will not be easy as you will look into the deepest darkest recesses of your soul, but it will be worth it.

What do you stand to gain from all of this work? At the highest level you stand to gain liberation from suffering. You will still experience this world, but you will be free to make choices that come from your inner power and not from programmed responses created by outside influences. Your spiritual world will open up exponentially allowing you to view life from a new perspective, and see things which others do not. All blockages to success will be cleared away leaving the route to your goals completely open. You will face your fears and anxieties, and put them to bed once and for all.

That’s got to be worth it!!!!

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