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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

What is a True Healer

I was asked, in an email, recently, whether a true healer could be trained or whether they were born this way? I was immediately struck by this question as the answer to it, answers many questions that people tend to have about spiritual development, reincarnation and all things in between.
Every Individual has an Innate healer in themselves (within reason). By this I refer to our ability to recover from a cut or a cold. There are however deeper issues of dis-ease which the average person does not have the understanding or capacity to recover from themselves.
I Digress
The nature of this dis-ease is quite sensitive, and so I broach this subject in as caring and non-judgemental a fashion as possible. The nature of this dis-ease is mental/spiritual. It is not the extreme case such as schizophrenia, but the average everyday dis-ease of grief, hurt, sadness and suffering. These are mental dis-ease which every being on this planet suffers from, without exception.
This is probably a good time to interject on my article to beat the drum on behalf of those with diagnosed mental and psychological conditions. There is still very much a stigma attached to mental health, and sufferers can feel like they are treated like first world lepers. This is not fair, it is not compassionate and to be quite frank it is not honest. If you have ever felt emotional, or angry, or confused you should feel compassion for those which you stigmatise. As you have been out of mental balance, in fact I will hazard that you indeed go through a plethora of uncontrolled emotions every day. You don’t choose to be angry, it happens as a result of some unconscious process of the mind. You don’t choose to be frustrated, this is the unconscious process of the mind. You don’t choose to be sad this is the unconscious process of the mind. Guess what you have mental dis-ease!! (I am not passing some irrational diagnosis here, please bear with me)
A healer is the individual who steps forward to deal with the physical, emotional and spiritual manifestations of this mental imbalance.
Meditation Teacher
In the first and most effective type of healer, is a meditation teacher. A personally developed meditation teacher is not likely to be found in the local directory, as these are mostly people who have an interest and have trained in teaching this art. A teacher who is also a healer can be found in Buddhist temples, or word of mouth, or if you subscribe to my belief. This person will appear when it is time. In fact your first step may be in reading this blog. By studying and practising the techniques which I have shared you will open doorways to manifesting this life changing event, and meeting your teacher. Just trust.
Energetic Healer
The next sort of healer, is not necessarily the sort of healer who should be long term, but the sort of healer who you go to in an emergency. This is an energetic healer. This is the other sort of healing which I do. And for this sort of healing, you can learn the basic principles and skills but it is the practice and development which will give you the power.
There are lots and lots of organisations out there who will take your money and give you a certificate after providing you with rudimentary training. These are the type of healers who will have set up a practice and expect you to make a return visit, time and time again whilst parting you from your money. These fall into the bracket of reiki practitioners etc. I am not saying they are a scam, they are not, but they do have a habit forming nature.
A true and powerful energetic healer will provide almost immediate relief. They will not expect a follow up appointment and will never canvas you for one. The likelihood is that you will you will have such a profound experience that you will start to awaken immediately to the fact that there is more to this universe than you had previously ever imagined, and when you ask them to help you learn more they will direct you to the type of healer I described first, the meditation teacher.
The Path
In simple terms route to becoming a healer (a true healer) is the same for everyone. The actual route will be different for everyone, but the general steps will be the same.
Previous lives-
you will have learned of healing and done some spiritual development in the past, you will not have completed the path, but may have completed a smaller path, (for instance became a pagan healer, or herbalist or even a reiki type energetic healer). Although many believe these are paths in and of themselves they are mere earthly conduits to the ONE path, and by no means does mastery of any one of these skills confer mastery of the ONE path. (as some would have you believe)

This Life-
These skills once aquired will forever stay in your consciousness and will reappear at some stage in a future incarnation, as an unconscious and deep drive to become a healer (again), and you may learn the same skills as you had previously but find that you seem so much more natural at it than those around you, (this is because it is not your first time).
These skills and practices should not be laboured, but purely be a means to help you reawaken your true nature and help get you back on track to the One path, as becoming a true healer, lies ahead.
Meditation and Spiritual Development
Regardless of how many courses you attend and how much money you pay, no one will remove the mental dis-ease of suffering which every being experiences. This suffering is a block to true healer abilities and true spiritual development. Only meditation and other appropriate practices, studied daily for many years will provide you with the mental and energetic breakthrough that you require to be strong enough to actually truly heal someone at a deep down level.
This is it you are now on the ONE path. And only once you have had this breakthrough will you realise just how wrong those who profess mastership were. You will shock yourself at how strong your ability to draw out negative energy and provide healing energy, beyond that which the masses claim to be capable of with their reiki and such like.
Healing is a true universal gift, and it comes to everyone if you put in the work.

All other brand name techniques which I have learned in the past were carnival side shows to true healer ability. True Healer ability can not be conveyed in an attunement, it can not be bought for any price, but that of hard work, and devotion.

It is not a warm tingly feeling that relaxes you, it will feel as though you are being pulled clean from your body.