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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

heart chakra meditation

I have been asked many times if I could explain a good heart chakra meditation.  Nine times out of ten it is because there are emotional upsets which someone needs to relive themselves from.  One thing that is over looked when people think about the heart chakra, and heart chakra meditations, is the profound impact it can have on your entire being.  The heart is the bridge between the world, and you’re humanly ego traits and the universe and your spiritual traits.  By exercising the heart chakra in meditation you will increase your journey into spirituality as well as improve your quality of life.

Meditation of the Twin Hearts

Cleansing Exercise.

The best way to cleanse the etheric body is by doing simple physical exercises such as yoga or tai chi for about five to ten minutes. During whatever form of exercise you choose concentrate on your breathing, making sure to breathe deep into the lower abdomen.  As you progress visualise light greyish matter, or used-up energy, being expelled from the etheric body and see healthy clean energy taking its place. Exercise whether you realise it or not has the effect of spreading and dissipation energetic congestion which will help especially with the meditation of the two hearts.
Divine Invocation

This can take any form you wish, it can be a short prayer of protection or assistance or just a request to whichever form you follow.  The invocation will help maintain your energetic integrity while it is in an expanded state during the heart chakra meditation, when it is vulnerable to interactions with less healthy energetic imprints.  It also serves to focus the mind on the task in hand and help you in achieving your aim.

Activating the Heart Chakra.

Pressing or gently tapping the heart chakra at the centre of your chest with the intention of activating it.  Then concentrate on the heart chakra and feel your whole being fill with loving kindness.  Using this feeling bless the whole world with loving-kindness. When conducting this blessing visualise the world as a ball hovering to the front of your chest, and as you bless the world fill with pink light and see people interact with others in a kind manner. See people smile at each other and being filled with joy. See strangers hugging in the street, and enemies reconcile their differences.  You should personally feel joy, happiness, and peace filling your entire being. Do not at any time during this blessing focus on any particular people you may have in mind as this may overwhelm them and cause them harm. Keep it utterly anonymous.

Activating the Crown Chakra.

Once again, as with the heart chakra Press or gently tap the top of your head for a few seconds with the intention of activating the crown chakra. And as before then bless the planet earth with loving-kindness but this time from the crown chakra. Just as when activating the heart chakra feel the same positive energies and positive activities you observed. The key difference is this time visualise brilliant white light from your Crown chakra blessing the entire earth.

Blessing with both Crown and Heart Chakras.

Take the previous activities of blessing with either the heart chakra or the crown chakra and combine them this time blessing the earth simultaneously from both the Crown and Heart chakras with golden light. Again feel the same loving kindness you felt during the exercise with the heart chakra and the crown chakra.  See the same acts of kindness you observed with both the heart chakra and the crown chakra.  Most importantly maintain your breathing deep and low into the bottom of your gut. Blessing with both the crown chakra and the heart chakra will increase the power of this meditation exponentially and will have a great impact not only on your but on everyone on planet earth.  You may continue this meditation for as long as you feel comfortable.
Achieving Illumination.

You may not achieve what is described as illumination straight away but given practice it will come.  Illumination is achieved by a state of relaxation and stillness of mind and kindness of heart.  Illumination can only be described of a state of extreme stillness of mind, and you will automatically see white or gold light engulf your entire being.  Illumination is not full enlightenment but is a step in the right direction.  It is a state of expanded consciousness and expanded energy.  What you see is high level energy pouring in through your crown chakra and flooding and cleansing your aura.

There are many exercises which some say can help prepare you for this, but I do not personally prescribe them, as it is a fake experience which some enthusiasts may focus on rather than the intent of the meditation itself.  Illumination is blissful, and enjoyable and helps to accelerate the path but by achieving illumination through acts of kindness you will stabilize your development and make progress much much easier in the long run.

Releasing Excess Energy.

After meditation in order to prevent headaches and nausea and other unpleasant symptoms, you must release excess energy.  My personal preferred technique is to ground thoroughly gathering the energy in your head in a ball at the third eye and pushing it down through your body and into your abdomen.  Allow this energy to rest in the lower storage centre. Once you have rested then push any excess energy down through your legs and into the earth, thanking the earth for helping you. Repeat this process as many times as is necessary to ensure any congested feelings are gone.