The High Energies of Winter 2010/2011 (Shape of Things to Come) ~ The Healing Sphere
Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The High Energies of Winter 2010/2011 (Shape of Things to Come)

This is my first full day back after what has been a powerful and eventful Christmas and New Year.  The energies have been intense and it has shown on those around us, wired to the moon is an understatement.

The heightened energies began in the build up to the annual meteor shower (which living in Scotland I had an amazing view) and really reached their peak in the mid winter solstice which in 2010 was most definitely a once in a lifetime occurrence.  there are many false witness's claiming to have sat at 0500hrs GMT watching the eclipse of the moon and how spiritual it was for them, and how this moment predestined their spiritual leadership etc etc.  I was once again very privileged in living where i do as i saw the whole thing start to finish and the eclipse actually occurred at around 0745 GMT and ended around 0815 GMT (purely adding those details in order to assist in your decision making process when reading or listening to certain guru's and their not so truthful claims, i would never state that someone is misleading but merely provide the tools to help you make your own decision)

The spiritual energies of that eclipse were extremely cleansing, and I know I certainly felt the impact of it (which is unusual, as for the most part building your energetic body will protect you from these energetic swings)  The un-awakened appear to have many many issues raised to their conscious mind and were helpless to know what to do with these emotions.  This resulted in quite an emotional and in some cases violent time for some.  You may have witnessed this yourself or in those around you, I know I certainly felt a general atmosphere of oppression when I found myself in large groups. 

Some may ask why, if these energies are so cleansing do some people react so badly to them?  the simple answer is that those on a firm spiritual path have developed means of resolving suppressed emotional garbage and so these heightened times are not unusual to them and thus can deal with them in a mature and blessed fashion.  But those who have no knowledge of these things and have not yet dealt with their baggage will find and overwhelming surge of every suppressed hurt, pain and anger which must be released somehow.  The importance of all of the things i have spoken about previously is only highlighted in these people and their reactions,  If only they had known, if only they could have understood, maybe some suffering could have been avoided.

It is supposed that 2012 will bring a greater insurgence of energies than the previous solstice, I am not sure it will but i will leave you to decide on that one.  One thing is for certain that the steady progression of energy intensity will continue upwards.  Some preach that 2012 will herald an age of love and light, but surely as we have seen, heightened energies help those who know what to do with them, but bring up the worst emotions in those who still remain asleep.  I'm afraid that the profits of glory will be disappointed as manifest existence is an existence of free will and glory will only arise once every single sentient being has awakened and made the free will choice to develop.  To rise from the ashes of the third dimension.  Look at your own awakening and your own journey, how long has it taken you to bring you hear.  These changes will not happen any time soon, let alone overnight. 

In developing, be selfish as this is truly selfless.  In developing yourself you impact on those around you even if merely by preventing greater impact on the karmic pool, this indeed is a selfless act.

In developing, be selfless as this is truly selfish. As the desire to develop others develops you.

We are all one and as such there truly is no such thing as spiritual selfishness or selflessness, every step in development is a step for the greater good of all.  Even if all you can do is ride out the energetic swings without impinging on others, this is truly a great freedom.

Bless you all