Past Life Regression Meditation ~ The Healing Sphere
Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Past Life Regression Meditation

Connecting with and remembering past lives (or indeed other lives) and past events is a very intriguing subject which many discuss and wish to learn more about. Some people pay a small fortune in fees for regression therapy sessions and may find some benefit in them. Past life recall is a very natural process during which you allow yourself to unlock memories which may trouble or upset your subconscious at a deeper level than that which you are currently aware.
These memories although unconscious to you now, may still have an impact on your behaviour and self imposed restrictions and destructive patterns in this life, affecting the here and now. These broken aspects of you must be made whole again, by being brought forward for healing and nurturing. With that in mind many who research past lives are so caught up in the curiosity factor that they forget the requirement for healing and the return to wholeness.

I would highly recommend recording your experiences in a journal and working through them using methods which I have previously written about in this blog or other methods which you have grown accustomed to working with in order to bring these dark shadows into the light.

A number of cautions before I give you a regression meditation which I have had in my possession for some years.

Do not be upset if it takes time and effort to access anything usable, as these memories are stored at level which you may not have developed to yet, but keep trying and keep developing and you will get there.

It is very rare that a nice event has a negative impact on our behavioural patterns thus expect to be uncomfortable with what you may see. I would advise to approach this in the firm knowledge that you are an observer and that you are perfectly safe. You are not part of the scene which you see before you but merely a witness, from another time and another place. You are always in control and can leave at any time you wish.

If after all that you still feel this is an area of development you wish to investigate further try this regression meditation to connect with past lives.

You might wish to tape this regression meditation and play it back before you start. Or if you have a good memory and understand the flavour of the meditation you can walk yourself through it. Do not rush.

Before you start you need to set the scene. Start by preparing the room. You will need a room that is not too cold or too hot. Dim the lights. Even better, light candles around the room for atmosphere. Light some incense or burn some aromatherapy oils. Play some soft gentle meditation music quietly in the background to help with the relaxation. Lastly, but most importantly, ensure you are not disturbed.

Put in your pre-recorded tape of this meditation, sit down comfortably,

close your eyes and begin ..............

Slow down your breathing
Breathe in through your nose
Out through your mouth
In your mind bring yourself to a pond
There is no one around
Very secluded
You notice the ripples in the water
I want you to focus on them
Calming them
Slowing down the breeze

Relaxing slowly
Breathe in
Breathe out

You start to recall this place
It is very familiar to you
It feels like home
You feel connected somehow
To the trees
The pond
The grass
You engulf it all as you breathe slower
More relaxed now
The pond is now calm
Not a single ripple
As you look into the pond you see your reflection


Just let the reflection come to you
Feel the energy around you
Warming you
As you glance into the pond
You see you
The spiritual you
Not male
Not female
All of you
Your entire being

We now ask that the being be shown the life
The life that the being could benefit most from
It is at this moment a canoe comes drifting
It drifts across the pond
I want you to focus on the canoe
And you will remember the reflection in the pond
Now you will enter the canoe
And you begin to drift in the canoe
I want you to focus on the reflection in the pond
As you begin to drift
You are drifting through time
Drifting through space
With the reflection in your mind
I want you to drift to the time of your reflection

Breathe deeper

As you begin to visualize your reflection
I want you to bring your canoe to that place
You drift further
The canoe begins to come ashore
As it does
You feel your self drifting
Drifting back to the time of your reflection
I want you to exit the canoe
You are no longer at the pond
You are at the time of your reflection
I want you to bring it all in

What do you smell?

What do you feel?

Look at your feet

What type of shoes are you wearing?

Are you wearing shoes?

Are you male?

Are you female?

What is around you?

Breathe deeply

Let it come
Do not rush
Take your time it will come

Who do you see?

What emotions are you feeling?

What is the weather like?

Let this place penetrate your being now
I want you to know you are only a visitor
Watching the events
You are not a participant
You are protected
You are just watching a play
Come about before your eyes

Breathe deep

Ask the questions
For the answers you are seeking

Breathe deeply

It is now time to take your leave of this place
Your canoe is waiting for you
You enter the canoe
Your canoe starts to drift
You are returning from your journey
You are drifting home


Your canoe gently comes to a stop
You are back at the pond
You step out of the canoe

Breathe deeply

Now you slowly begin to open your eyes
When you are ready
You have remembered your journey
You will take what you learned with you now

Open your eyes
You are back to the present

***warning*** this is a very powerful regression meditation. Please be aware that you might not like what you find. You may have spiritual things to work through in your own mind.

Bless You All