Ascension Consciousness -The Infinite Pathway ~ The Healing Sphere
Thursday, 3 June 2010

Ascension Consciousness -The Infinite Pathway

The concept of ascension is viewed from many perspectives and depending upon the perspective from which one is considering what ascension means, there will then be certain interpretations of that meaning and will be certain implications and anticipations then made regarding what ascension really is.

There is an underlying truth that must be clearly understood in order to fully comprehend the concept of ascension. This underlying statement of truth is that all expressions externally, all expressions of manifestation are simply a projection of consciousness. It is all a matter of consciousness. So when we speak of ascension, the pure concept of ascension is that of ascending into, moving into, arriving in the very centre of consciousness, the very centre, the very core of your consciousness as a soul. This point of inner alignment is what has been spoken of so often as the Consciousness of Oneness where there is no differentiation, there is no separation, there is no participation in the duality or other concepts of differentiation points of consciousness. If all is One and if the Consciousness of Oneness is truly manifested and known and merged with, then all is simply One, not two or more.

So the ascension in consciousness is coming into this point of Oneness and as ascension occurs, there is a patterns of expressing the progression of ascension that appears to take one into various dimensional points of existence. There has been much discussion about ascending from three dimensional consciousness into fourth or fifth dimensional consciousness. Don’t all ladders have rungs? Don’t all stairways have steps along the way? So what! Those are only points along the progression of ascension into the full consciousness of unity, the Consciousness of Oneness, the consciousness of merging with and as the very Creator.

It is not important to be concerned with the incremental steps. These will occur. It is important to identify with and to comprehend the infinite pathway that one is on and to recognize not the steps along the way, but to recognize the ultimate point of the journey and to hold one’s focus on that which is the ultimate statement of the Consciousness of Oneness. Certainly along the way there will be manifestations of that which are the rungs of the ladder or the steps that one is taking. In this ascension process, there will be a transformation of energy patterns wherein that which is physical takes on a finer substance and can indeed be transmuted into that which is of another dimension. But that is not important for that is but part of the process where the total ascension of consciousness can instantly transmute all existence from that which is three dimensional, fourth dimensional, fifth dimensional, or beyond to the twelfth dimensional pure density of absolute Oneness and pure Light.

So be not concerned, be not focused on, be not limited in the possibilities of ascension by being overly concerned about each step along the way. Know the purpose and the process. Know the truth of the ultimate destiny which is merging with and as the Consciousness of Oneness. In this progression there will be the transmutation of all form of all substance into that which is absolutely pure and merged with the pure Love and Light of the Creator.