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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Archangel Lucifer - The Lightbearer, Satan - The Fallen Angel

This short post is in response to some fundamentalist hate mail i have been receiving.

I am pleased to announced that due to my pen name i have been revealed as the Antichrist, Satan, Lucifer or any other name that you have for the devil himself.  I would like to take this time to thank you all for the time and effort you have taken to share your intolerant message of hate, and that some how you feel that my user name heralds the coming of all that was prophesies.

I would however like to share a bit of wisdom with you before you make your fingers bleed with venomous typing. From the great book that you have so kindly referred me to time and again and quoted and mis-quoted your rhetoric (The Bible). There is a great deal of information on the transfiguration of souls.  Enoch was the living example of "The Man Who Walked With God" Enoch lived his life with effort and pains to find true spirituality and lived those exciting revelations which came to him from various sources.  He lived a life that we would now call spiritual development.

When Enoch ascended, and he did ascend it says so in the bible, just as it says that Jesus did ascend (therefore highlighting that "to teach ascension to the common man is a mortal sin and clearly misguided"  is in fact wrong because the bible does teach such philosophies you just have to read it) He became known by another name.  He became the great Archangel Metatron

The path to ascension see our soul transfigure into greater and greater quantities of light until such times as a Merkaba can move our entire being from on plane of existence to a much higher vibration.  (oh dear that also appear to have come from the bible).  As you the person raises your vibration you cease to be that which you were, in personality, consciousness and physicality.  You take on a new androgynous personality, which is without a doubt similar to who you were but not exactly the same.  Ar you exactly the same today as you were yesterday?  have you not grown in anyway? not learned anything new? not even bashed your toe and got a new bruise? we as people are changing and evolving all the time.  The art of spiritual development is to ensure that the desired change is in an upwards direction.

Now comes Lucifer which translates as Light bearer.  Lucifer or Lightbearer has been lambasted and hated by religon for hundreds of years.  People have been persecuted and killed by the millions because of his name.  But why i ask you?  is it because he is evil? is it because he is the devil himself? No!! look to your good book and you will find out who Lucifer actually was.  He was the first of the Archangels, he was the light bringer of the universe, he had dominion over all angels and sat in gods throne room.  So why oh why for hundreds of years has religion felt it necessary to burn people alive, or any other form of horrific torture and death if this is a most beloved of gods angels.

Unlike Enoch who transmigrated upwards, increasing his vibration from matter into light, Lucifer appears to have transmigrated downwards turning from light into matter.  And became what you call Satan.  Therefore as Enoch is not truly Metatron but Metatron is Enoch (and much much more) then Satan is not Lucifer even though Lucifer is Satan and much much more.

But then we come to multidimensionality, and new spiritual hierarchy.  Metatron is now the Light bearer of the universe therefore Metatron is Lucifer.  If Enoch and Metatron is one and the same being, and Metatron is Lucifer, and Lucifer is Satan, who or what is Satan?

Well we have then to look to the true origin of many of the words used in the bible, and their true meaning.  The farthest back we can truly trace the religion that became Christianity is to the Aryans, although there are many similarities between Christianity and many other religions that is for another discussion, and to the Aryans Satan or Shaytan was not in fact a person or individual, shaytan was all people, it was in fact the lower personality of man.  The aim of spiritual development is to over come Satan, shaytan or indeed our inherent lower evil nature. 

With that in mind Enoch once had a lower nature therefor Enoch was Shaytan, I have a lower nature i am Shaytan, and you have a lower nature you are Shaytan.  Lucifer when he transmigrated or fell as you prefer to call it turned light into matter.  He became many aspects of many things, the light bearer or Lucifer still exists but has a new name, he is called Metatron (the lightbearer the president of all angels and the one who creates matter from light (uh oh i thought that was Satan!!!) 

confused yet????  we exist as multidimensional beings, though what we are at the top of the scale is not who we are now, but encompasses who we are now.  When Enoch became the first to complete the journey home to god he regained the totality of his being, he transmigrated to become Lucifer but was given a special reward a new name, Metatron, but the collection of atoms and other such stuff always existed as we all do.  when part of Lucifer was slowed down on gods instructions to CREATE matter from light, shaytan was what was created.

Here is the heartbreaking news for the haters and fundamentalists, I am Satan, but indeed so are you.  Ive overcome my lower nature by preaching love compassion and forgiveness.  By trying to help others on their road upwards.  You and others like you who believe yourselves to be the chosen ones, still preach a message of hate, and intolerance.  What does it matter what you think of others? concentrate on refining your own soul and moving towards love, and compassion and forgiveness.  As it stands you do not live the way Lord Jesus asked you to, in the bible that you wave around so much.

My God Is a God Who does not judge.
My God is a God who has infinite Compassion
My God is a God of Love
I only try to be a similar as i can.

I bless you and hope that you stick around a while you may find something you like.